The World As We Know It

It seems in today’s standard that everything is getting better and worse at the same time. I look at everything that the people do have, yet I reflect on eveything the people don’t have. I can’t imagine where we are going but those with more power tell me where we are headed.

I think about a simpler life filled with days that consisted of nothing more than waking up, putting on clothes that you thought made you fly, just to get to school to impress the girl that made you feel like you were alive. Those were the days when I seemed to have the most. Looking back I realize I didn’t have much of anything but whatever I had it seemed to be alot.

These were the days before I learned about different cultures and religions. The days when I thought they’re only a few different walks of life. The days when the world was small and I was the biggest thing God could’ve given breath to. I felt untouchable….

Then I learned what the world was really made of. It’s a place where we as people need half a lifetime to understand the one thing that was apparent at birth. You are you!!! You can’t be anything else other than what makes you. We can spend time trying to change the world but you can only change you. We can spend time saying what everyone else is doing, but then you never accomplish what you were meant to do because you spent your time worrying about someone else.

When I look at the world I look at many different people. Out of fear of understanding those people group together to form a sense of belonging, protection, purpose, etc. So we must understand that in these groups we learn the things that shape our future for as long as we are able to have an effect on it.

Simply stated, it saddens me to see such a beautiful thing such as life be spoiled by so many different opinions of what is right or wrong based on a sense of belonging to a group. The only groups that exist are families and they need to teach the youth the right way to live so that the world can grow to be a better place. The youth need only to learn to love life as well as live it. If you can give love you’ll always defeat hate. If we could defeat hate we could change the world as we know it.

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