i guess this is more of personal thing…..so here it is. You spend time trying to find a happy medium in life to only realize the happy medium will never be met. At-least, not while you search to help others without helping youself first.

see…think about it. let’s say you walk 8 miles away from home to hunt for food. you find it and you spend another hour catching it and killing it. Should you go home as soon as you no longer have to fight for it. Should you chill and eat first because you need it as you have put in the work for it. Should you rest without eating and bring it because you do not want to deprive others who count on you…..i dunno.

but what i do know is….make no doubt about it….life is about survival….we survive off of thoughts while others survive off instinct. So think about it….like special Eddie.

I don’t fallow rules to languages as life has shown that language lives and evolves…plus this is my blog. i don’t care about typo’s.

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