It’s been cloudy for the past couple of days here in my neck of the woods. I’m guessing that’s the reason why I’m a little out of it. Neither here nor there but long story short, I kicked it wit one of the artists I’ll be working with in next couple of months about ciphers.

In our conversation we came to the conclusion that the new generation of emcees know nothing about ciphers. Maybe this is why there music is no good in my opinion. In the days of this subject, the cipher, not only did emcees rap but people had a ritual called building. So the cipher was more than just emcees rapping, those same heads were probably building, or exchanging knowledge with one another.

I believe the lack of this ritual in today’s hip hop world has resulted in garbage emcees who never would be allowed to rap in a cipher who don’t understand that they are not that good because they dont face off with better emcees. Their substance is also lacking because they don’t learn new things because we no longer use this ritual they way we used to. Bring back the culture….

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