Monumental Monument

Today marks the day that they will unveil the newest tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.  It’s a beautiful piece, even though I’m not to sure if you can call this giant a piece, that seems to have a very stern message to it.  This man is somebody important.  I can’t help but imagine 2000 years from now if this work will still be around for new generations to witness our work as we do to the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, etc. (that’s if humans are still here.

Nonetheless, this was a good man to not only his people, but for all people around the world whose rights as a human being are not being realized.  His assassination goes to show what he had accomplished and what they feared he could accomplish.  Even though the hatred for him resulted in his death his life still is a constant reminder that we as humans have got to learn to live together or else we’ll die together.  Salute



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