Whatever I Guess

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I’m sitting here just thinking after reading facebook posts about the simplicity of life.  If you feel you’re tired of dealing with the drama it would seem to me that you would quit dealing with the drama.  I know I for one have had to deal with losing friendships because at the end of the day if you care about me at all you’d understand me.

So let’s talk about understanding, which some say is really what the definition of love is.  See it like I see it you’ll understand that if somebody cares about you they have to understand you.  Keep falling for love…in the words of J Dilla “Don’t sell yourself to fall in LOVE”…it’ll never get you any where.  When you fall for love you already messed up because falling for anything will get you hurt. Examples: fall—off a bike, down stares, on concrete…etc…etc..you know!

Get it right lil mama and stop chasing frivolous dreams…life is reality…and really life is a dream.  That’s a little deep, well maybe not..I’m Out!!!

Or maybe…it’s a question of “What love got to do with it” (c) J Dilla

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