Hanging With Fam

A couple of days ago I got to go enjoy some pizza at the Village Idiot and check my dude Mo’ and a dude rising through the ranks of the music scene.  His group is the Mo Bro’s and this cat has an unbelievable voice.  Anyhow here’s a flick or two and one of their video’s..

This is just outside the spot Village Idiot.  Pizzas for the low and decent drink prices.  Yeah it’s a cool spot and one that I frequent when I go record shopping right up the block.


For real the dude is the truth..I’m thankful to meet such talented people in my hood.  I also met a young lady who sung with him this night.  We exchanged numbers so I hope we can find common ground and do something because her voice is also amazing!!

If you don’t believe here’s a video for you kiddies!!!

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