CDs on the way out?


Certain news outlets are announcing that the music industry is now looking to stop pressing up CDs. This comes as no surprise to me seeing how every other format that listeners consumed eventually faded away.

Independent bands I’m sure will not be taking this route as it is still lucrative to them. I’m also sure the only reason companies will opt to stop pressing them up is due to the fact that it costs to make them. Not only the pressing of CDs cost, but also the booklets included along with the trey liners.

From a business sense it makes sense seeing how everyone is capable of downloading them. Some may say not but I beg to differ because everyone can gain access to a computer…it may not be your personal computer, but you can still access a computer. As a business the goal is to spend less money making something to increase profits.

Still, CDs have a future in the hearts of musicians who can not utilize the outlets that big record companies control. I think this is just another sign of record companies beginning to fail….at least the majors. They are now downsizing and cutting costs

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