Been away from blogging due to me getting it in on the Dj tip. The more I spin the more I respect the true to the art of spinning music. I realize how valuable the DJ is to this culture of hip hop and possibly now even understand how the culture took a wrong turn.

The Dj was indeed the gate keeper to hip hop. You can’t really stop a wack rapper from rapping but you can stop his music from getting heard, especially if he doesn’t take his craft serious enough to get better. The Dj controls what the masses gets to hear. They used to not be for sale but now they suffer from the same problem as the rappers. The entitlement to money and not to the culture.

As I have said before and I shall say again, I represent the culture and the artists who do it for the culture. The Dj is a special person who knows what sound he wants to promote so he studies all of these different songs to play to the masses. His choice of songs will make you feel the way he wants you to feel while you’re in his mix.

I can now understand how dj’s mature into producers because they understand what the people need to hear. So with this post I say I don’t know y I chose to go backwards but I did. I went from rapping to producing to djing. I’m amazed that it took me so long to get into it. Then again it is expensive and I spent all my money on the creating side vs the playing side.

Until my next post….I’ll halla…dat all I’m out!!!!!

Peace world!

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