Laptop Withdrawl


Well I’m missing the hell outta my laptop right about now. I can’t smash on beats and I can’t mix music. Quite frankly, all the music I have I can’t do anything with it, not even listen to it.

All the music I have is on my I Phone and it’s just a couple of old records, Slum Village vol 1 and 2, a mix I did, a live At headquaterz mix and a few Madlib beat albums. I guess that will have to do.

After laying in the bed all day doing nothing productive as I suffer with laptop withdrawal, I began to wonder what my life has come to. I’m a music junkie!!!

I guess I gotta go back and kick it with my X. Her buttons are worn down and she is hard to work with these days. So I let her rest especially since computer production makes the job so damn easy. I’ve made some joints on the ASR even though the sequencer can be shotty at times.

Who knows she might just make a joint or two for the Biggs Nevada project I’m working on.

I gotta few tricks up my sleeve though and putting some plans in action seem to be getting me motivated again so I guess it ain’t all bad. I’ve had a whole day to plan on what I’m trying to pull off. Talking to my partner in rhyme we got something fly planned. Yeah!!!

There were some things I wanted to post but I can’t figure it out on wordpress using my phone ($h@t was crazy easier on blogger). So i guess until I get my laptop back I’ve gotta be a lil more creative.

Anyways, folks these are my travels and now I’m at a lil get away of mine. I’m gonna have a cold one and listen to this sad music this bar is playing and I’m out. I had to get out at least once today……so cheers!

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