I’m at the crib doing my do with my folks and my oldest brother, who by the way just gave me a new gadget to play with. So now my blogging may get a little easier even though it’s not much different than using my iPhone.

So I guess Christmas for me hasn’t been too bad…..hell….I got an iPad. I’ve never been the type to really stress X-mas because I feel what most of the thinking people believe. This season is a season where the working people who deal in retail get taken advantage of. Longer hours with people who are already stressed because they can’t really afford to buy the gifts that they are buying. The people who are buying items unfortunately are buying these items because they have been brainwashed or more times than not… one wants to feel left out as either a giver or receiver….pause!!!!!!

Why? The answer is these greedy ass corporations spend all year preparing us to panic at the end of the year. Hell, who even really talks about the true meaning anymore. Sure we all say what it is supposed to be about, but we never sit down and have a conversation about it.

So with that season’s greetings….time to hop on this duck mom dukes cooked and watch some games chumps

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