Imaginary Players

With all things coming to a head for the new year, I take a long look at the team I play with. Some of us young, some younger, some experienced, the rest just have hunger. Knowing your teams strength and weaknesses really helps better prepare for game day. That day when all your hard work really pays off.

I’ve played with a team all of my life. Being a shortstop in the sport of baseball before I started gravitating towards the culture of hip hop, I had to learn to play for a team. My job as the shortstop was to stop anything that came my way and aid in defending second and third base. Sometimes my job even called for shallow pop flies in the outfield. I had to know my job in every situation, which in a nutshell, before every pitch I had to consider every possible outcome that would involve me directly and decide where on the field I needed to be to help my team defensively regardless of which outcome became a reality.

These same rules apply in the game of life. The better you can predict all possible situations and outcomes, the better you can prepare and obtain total control to succeed in reaching your goal. They especially reverberate in the music industry where greed and corruption has forced many teams to break down and break apart. Time and time again we see when this happens the momentum of the movement slows dramatically until the teams remaining players can no longer carry the weight of what used to be a complete team.

I used to be a part of a team who may very well have been on our way to success but together we failed miserably at keeping our team together. Lines of communication became distorted and rather than think about the team, we began to allow ourselves to think individually. Don’t get me wrong individual thinking is needed for the team, but it has it’s time and place. Whenever individual thinking takes away from the team the team suffers…..period.

Now is the time to reflect and learn from the past mistakes because the pieces of the puzzle are on the table, we just have to make them work. The team is ready we are all really just free agents at the moment, trying to figure out if we can even really be a cohesive team.

Well, I’m saying stay tuned because the proof is in the pudding. #scf

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