Minor Setbacks

Life wouldn’t be right without it’s fair share of setbacks, right.  Well, let it be known, you haven’t made progress until you get to your next setback.  Who would’ve imagined it would have happened so quickly.  That’s the way it goes though….sometimes.

A couple of days ago I decided I would try to give the video editing thing a run one more time.  Don’t get me wrong you shouldn’t expect any Hype Williams videos because that ain’t my thing when I film.  I like to keep it simple.  However, my resources are limited as of now due to a camera that records MP4’s and software that won’t process MP4’s  so I’m stuck.

I tried this free software but when you go to mix it down, you guessed it, they throw their watermark in it.   I know….quit being cheap…ya’ll maybe right.  I may have to break on down to do it right.  Sacrafice and persistence is the key the say!!!!

On the flip side though I banged out a joint today and it’s a start so no complaints.  Well world, this is me signing off until tomorrow.  I have a few tricks to try so I can get the vid up before Friday so I gotta get some ZZZZZZZ’s!!!!!  Oh yeah, before I go…..shout out to my dude Wayne traveling the globe…helping Mya do her thing……I can dig it Holmes!!!!

One for the girl…she’s so so so so so….beautiful

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