On Some Garfield $h@t!!!!


Wattup world!!!! Today ain’t really one to be overly excited about. Why? I thought you’d never ask!!! Today I’m on my Garfield sh#t. It’s a Monday, it’s cloudy out, and traffic was moving at a snails pace. Which to me is a recipe for disaster, not to mention it’s also a downer.

On another note, my vid is coming along nicely other than being behind schedule. Better late than never though so I’m not gonna stress it too much. At least I’m making some progress with it. I’m also progressing with digging for records to put on my first mixtape release for the end of the month. In a nutshell ya bwoy is hella busy!

I had some more to post about but I think I’ll save it for a lil later since it’s kind of an entire post in itself. So I’ll be back like the terminator with some big heat….dat all I’m out!!!!

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