In the lab





In the lab with Mic Blitty!!!! Dude is crazy talented and his work ethic is pretty amazing. We started the session out going through records. I was trying to give him something from scratch but after going through a couple of albums he asked if I had any beats already done.

The first four I played he was digging so he just started mumbling rhymes to himself. We went through a few more tracks before he finally said go back to the first four I played. He picked one and ran with it.

He laid down his first verse and a hook then we bounced to go get some get right. He wrote his second verse in the whip and when we got back to the lab he knocked it out.

Everything was cool until we lost the whole damn song to some technical difficulties. We sat for about 15 minutes until he said, “Man you know what happened and how not to do it again.”.

I replied, “Yep”

Then he said, “Let’s do it over then.”

I’ll be throwing the song out soon so stay tuned. The session was crazy and I had a blast, so look out because we are about to give you that raw uncut $h@t!!!!!

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