Soul Searching

Wattup world!!! I haven’t really been in a blogging mood lately. With so much on my mind having the discipline to do so is hard to find! Another day another dollar is the motto on this end!

With the lost of Whitney Houston still in mind I Look at the music industry in another light. Well, I guess the fame is more of the issue than anything else since that really seems to be the worst part of the game. People love you until they get to see you’re personal flaws and everything else that made the star a star.

Deep down I’ve always had a resentment to being famous due to my sensitive psyche. Being personally scrutinized has always been a big fear of mine and being talented enough to make it in the industry wasn’t a dream. It was a reality that I always believed in. I know I’m good enough to be compared to the greats but what I don’t know is am I mentally strong enough to handle the fame that comes with that title.

I’m pretty sure that’s why I never really went all in with the business side of music. Music is my thing….nothing else. The fame ,the TV, the videos, the pictures never really meant much to me. The interviews, the awards, petty bullshit that money brings, the club VIP, none of it meant anything. The studio, the equipment, the mic, the booth, old records, bud, brew, a couple of chicks with nice voices incase you need a woman’s touch, the music and the fans was all I ever cared about.

I think any artist feels the same way actually but it’s so easy to get caught up in all the hype. So in light of Whitney Houston’s passing I say be careful in all that you do. Whatever they do to you they can’t take away your dignity as an artist and a person. Till next time!!!!

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