On The Grind




What’s the word world. It’s nothing big on this end just reaching out and venting a little bit.  I had the chance to kick it with my dude Bran last night on the beat making tip.  Pretty late session at that.  He’s been doing his thing on Reason and showing me what he’s been able to do with the software.

I must admit that the software is off the chain for just the sounds it offers alone.  Add to that fact the instruments we were using really didn’t have any tweaking done to it.  By tweaking I mean we didn’t add any sort of a effect.  We managed to knock out 3 joints in about a 12 hour period.  We started late last night and had one done and the shell of another one completed at about 3 in the morning.  Needless to say, I had no idea that we had been working on joints until the early morning so I had to call it quits and get some rest.

Here’ s the kicker!  I happened to sleep until about 11 a.m. until I just couldn’t do anymore.  I’ve never been the type to sleep long when the sun is shining.  I hit Bran up to hear him playing the joints and telling me how the joints were pretty solid beats.  At this point my phone alerts me that the battery was about to die so I searched for it to only realize I left it at Bran’s crib.

I went to go scoop up it and when I got there he just played the joints and I was like…man we did these…the joints are fire.  We watched the Duke game and managed to bang out another one.  So, yeah new joints on deck…NO SAMPLES…and they are bangers.

Reason…I will be using you very soon!!!!  True in deed!!!

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