Good times


In retrospect being an artist has it’s downside. The periods in which one deals with the brewing emotions of his or her creativity has the power to make some of their best work or push them into seclusion searching for inspiration.

The downside is getting caught up in your ability to create and neglecting the fact that you sometimes need to get away from creating. It’s the passion that made a young artist work hard everyday at every given moment. Everyday was a day to witness progression and study your shortcomings to understand how to be better. Hearing people say you can’t makes one say I could because the only push they needed was themselves. So they pushed.

What they realized was they inspired themselves by their own creation. As you grow older though inspiration gets harder and harder to find as you find less time to create. So you have no other choice but to look inside yourself for inspiration because that’s where it really comes from. You realize you made time for your creations when you were younger with less responsibilities and really that’s all you have to do when you are older with responsibilities

In my opinion, it’s the drive of the artist that makes him grow and achieve new levels of talent. The greatest reward is the feeling of accomplishment. That feeling makes you feel complete yet sets a new standard for expectation that sometimes is too high and thus begins the downside.

All in all, I’ve learned that you must remember the reason for which any artist develops a passion for their artwork. We love what we are doing when we are having a fun time doing it. Sometimes all you really need to do to find inspiration is to remember to have a good time creating.

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