Man Vs Machine


Well the computer is down. This time it’s the monitor, or should I say the screen for my laptop, as I already have a downed studio monitor. In either situation this causes two problems for your boy.

On one hand this postpones the Blog Goblin Vol 2 mix and on the other it stops my production progress. Right now isn’t really the time to not be able to make any beats since my homegirl and fellow artist Vicky Valle is reaching out to Tek of Smif n Wessun for a verse on a track that she wants me to produce.

Oh the irony, but fear not because I ain’t sweating it for it will get done. I just can’t wait to get back to the studio and see if I can’t toggle the screen for my laptop to my desktop monitor.

Who knows maybe my lil’ laptop is tired of moving around and just wants to stay stationary…..she is a work horse after all!!

Stay tuned…lol…at this moment it is man versus machine and I’m the one with the brain!!!!

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