Beat Project Update

What up world! I hope whatever you are doing at this moment in life is fulfilling to the soul and mind bringing you the peace that we all need! I’ve been busy talking to my dudes lately just discussing our next move in this shady business of music.

The last two parts of this beat project we are soon to release are being finished up with last minute icings for the cupcakes…ya dig!!! I hate to admit it but I’m in last place due to my perfectionist mind state, but I’m loving how mine is coming together. I like how it’s all coming together to be quite honest. We still have to figure out how to mesh it all together though….. as a group project, that is.

Other than that I’ve pretty much tired this entire week. My sleep pattern is all jacked up so by the time I get off of work to get down on some music, my attempts are unfocused a tad bit. I guess that’s why they say you need your rest to really be productive. So I’ll do better that is until I get off track again.

Anyways that about sums it up for ya doggie..stay tuned!!!!

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