Every Little Step I Take

Wattup world!!!! The last few days have been a slug fest between me and motivation. Mainly due to the fact that our spring has gone to a late fall feel with very cool mornings. So cool I find it hard to wake up and get the day started. Oh well, when you have to be at work you find a way I guess.

On a brighter note I’m closer to being done with the beat project and I will be done by this Sunday….whether it is done or not. Not to mention a plug I have been trying to get at for a minute now just landed in my lap. I was really looking forward to this one seeing as how it should be very beneficial in starting my plan to reintroduce what I do to the world.

Everyday, I stare at the building that I need to pull off this next chapter to my music. I stare believing in it so badly I can already see what the future holds. It’s a little bit more than a dream I guess, at least now since I have gotten the telephone number to the one person in charge of the venue.

Everyday is progress I guess. So long as you move towards the goal it doesn’t matter if it is at a snail’s pace or at Ricky Bobby speed. Just get there!!!!!

Until the next time folks….stay up and stay tuned!!!!

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