The life


After a hard morning at work I felt I needed to get out. There’s not a whole lot going on where I am. Which is all the more reason to grind it out ……majorly.

Anyways, after doing manly duties I washed the car for the first time in a while, at least since last fall!! Needless to say I feel somewhat empowered by doing something. Regardless to what that something is….do it. Occupy your mind …….to hell with wall street!!! Ha ha!!!!!

So I treated myself to a reward for working hard all day and decided to stop by and see my dudes on the come up. The Mobros….check for them they have some videos out and I guess I should be posting them to help the lazy people.

Who knows maybe I’ll do that tomorrow…until then I’ll be finishing my drink and listening to the soulful sound of the Mobros.

Toast….wherever you are!!!!

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