Hanging Amongst a Star


Wattup world!!!!??? I’m still here kicking it on this beautiful planet we call earth! I am listening to the pre mix of the beat project and I must say thus far it is passing my expectations.

The toughest part of it all is finding the right drops to go over the beats to accent them with a little entertainment. Some of the beats are from my pre-software days so the mixing is a little off but what the heck. Come to think of it some of the tracks are pre-studio monitor days as well. Those were the days when the ASR-X was the weapon of choice and I had little control over equalizing the drums so some are a little rough.

However, they are beats that I have submitted to various artist and never heard anything else concerning them. Putting the whole project together opened my eyes to how much music has changed since I made some of the tracks. It’s so much easier to get your work heard by the masses than it used to be which makes the process of making music instantly gratifying. When you are done with a song, a beat, or a project it’s as easy as one click….and it’s out there.

Regardless, I feel pretty good and today I got off to a good start. I managed to eat a good breakfast and do a tiny bit of yard work before heading to the gig which brings me to the point of posting today.

With so many blogs out there from ordinary people just trying to better themselves my reason for blogging is becoming more apparent. It really does document the growth of an individual and it’s also inspiring to others. I read a few blogs daily and I find myself routing for strangers and friends alike so I hope I do the same for those who read my blog.

Anyways, that’s about it for now….so until the next one kiddies…..dat all I’m out!!!!

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