Free Your Mind the Rest Will Follow


What up world!!! Same old same old over here. I think I’ll need just one more day after today to be finished with beat project. I’ll be all too happy when I am so I can get back to making new tracks.

Still the slowest part to all this effort is finding dope drops to make it a little more funky, but patience is the key. To be frank, I don’t want to throw just any old thing out there. No, not this time!!! Everything has to be perfect….or as close as I can possibly get it to perfection. Indirectly, I know that mind state is what hinders most creations!

Still yet to come is how to market this project to better my situation. I do know my overall plan is to go after the blogs in a major way. The key is getting out amongst the normal people and in today’s society a lot of normal people read their favorite blogs so it goes hand and hand!

On another note I am enjoying the fruits of instagram as you can see from my latest images included in my posts now. This tool allows me a little room to open up on my blog and share more of my day to day rituals. I think it will be a big influence on me in the future as well as others who blog.

Being able to link all these accounts up is also an added benefit as they pretty much work seamlessly together. I still like this platform the best as it gives you more control over being able to personalize your place on the world wide web.

All in all, the future is looking bright from where I stand. Just maybe that’s the outlook to life in general. Stay focused on that little light in the distance and walk towards it until you are in it. The possibilities of being able to see what’s around you is limitless. Believe in you and what you do….open your mind and set yourself free from all the doubt!!!!


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