Today is Gonna Be the Day


Today will be the day…..hopefully…..that I finish the beat project. Nothing’s changed as far as the drops go. They are still a tad bit hard to find…..well not hard to find….but it is tedious listening to a couple of minutes worth of dialogue to find a three second drop. In the words of potato farmers… you gotta keep on mashing.

I’ve still yet to call my connect and see if I can’t set some things up for my DJing thing so as one project ends , so another begins. I’m a bit reluctant to just jump out there feet first without a decent plan of what I’m actually trying to accomplish. To me it’s more than just djing it’s bringing something to the community that we so need. A place where good music can call home. A place where music lovers can go to unwind and mingle or even dance.

Enough about that, one thing at a time right? Well until the next one kiddies….take it light and stay up!!!!

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