Get in Where You Fit In!!!

What’s good world? Another day another dollar for the hustlers. Another day another chance for the men. Another line another rhyme for the emcees….ha ha you get the point.

Well for the past two days I’ve been at work on a song I believe will be called “Carbon Copies”. I’m still unsure if I really really like it. I can dig the concept and I appreciate the lyrics seeing as that they both show some more maturity in my creative process. Don’t let the title fool you though….I’m sure it seems like it is heading one way….but it’s another!!!!!

I’m so fixated on finding another artist to help complete the song that I’m getting overly anxious. My creative pickiness just might be my downfall though. I don’t just want any artist….I want a female vocalist who specializes in rock music. Around here they aren’t too hard to find but I have been out of the music loop for so long working on myself that I’m kind of a nobody….ha ha!!!

So me being who I am, I have come to realize that I have got to start rubbing elbows with all the musicians around here. Now that’s gonna be some very hard work, I assure you! My time is already limited as is so squeezing in running the streets again is gonna be very stressful!!

Well, folks that’s about it for now anyways….be blessed and stay up!!!!

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