Hocus Pocus…Now Focus


What’s the word world? As usual, it is the same old same old for me. Just pondering different means of effectiveness as far as reaching a goal goes. There are so many avenues to travel, so many ways to make it where you want to be in life. The question remains…..which path do you choose!

I’ve been at odds with the whole nature of this business that I call my trade. Not because of frustration or any ill feelings but, simply because my determination has increased. I’ve got so many ideas tumbling through my head it’s hard to pick one and stick with it. I’ve reached out to a few people here and there but still nothing has solidified itself.

I’m eager to get back into doing shows but everything hasn’t materialized just yet for me to do that so it’s back to the drawing board. It’s almost like I know better than to expect shows when I have yet to really promote myself. So that’s where my attention is starting to go.

I am a studio rat and I love to work on music all the time. So much so I have forgotten that finding and meeting the people who will support you is the most important aspect to success. Getting out there and putting the product in people’s hands is how you acquire your listeners. Not just in your city, not just in your area, or state…..but regional.

I see it this way. I’m in South Carolina, which is a middle ground between Florida to Virginia and still yet my music is only in my state. That’s a problem!!!! One I intend to fix by implementing a plan that I have had for almost a year now. I can’t speak on it to much, not yet anyways, but just know this is the start of a new beginning. Stay tuned!!!!

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