In the world sometimes all you need to feel complete is something in which you have a passion for . Some people exercise, some people write, others build things with their hands. Still in all, it gives people something in return for their dedication and hard work.

I’ve had the chance to see all kinds of rewards for hard work but the one that sticks with me the longest will always remain self gratification. Knowing I could do it and finally seeing what I was spending time creating is a feeling that is hard to describe. Being passionate enough to give your energy and effort means you will accomplish the goal at hand!

In business the same principles apply. Products made with passion always seem to work better. When whatever you offer is better, you feel better in associating your name with it. When people can associate your name with the better product they are more confident in purchasing your product.

So what defines passion? I could write out the definition but we all know what it means to us individually so I will skip that. I’ll stick with a broad approach and say its the little bit of magic that makes you continue when you could have quit. Many of us stay up late or rise early just to give a little more time to whatever it is that we love. Without giving that little extra we may spend the day thinking about why we didn’t.

“Why didn’t I?”

No one should settle for less and the only time you do settle is when you lose passion. We’ve all taken the short approach to something and more times than not, upon receiving the reward for your work you begin to wonder what if I had given it my all. Even if the reward was good, the person with passion understands that he could’ve done better had he overlooked the short cut and taken a more detailed approach. Short cuts sometimes deprive you of gaining more knowledge or experience in some cases. On the other hand, experience does eventually teach you a shorter way which saves you time. To the passionate person that extra free time doesn’t give them freedom, it gives them more time for their passion.

I’ve experienced technical difficulties with equipment and had no way to work on my passion. As the desire to be able to do what I loved doing grew so did my ideas. I would begin to get frustrated trying to solve my problem and then……just like that I remembered how I used to get it done with way less. Sometimes it was as simple as using older outdated equipment other times I may have had to reach out to a friend. No matter the circumstances I would be passionate enough to need to get it done to satisfy myself.

It was never about money it was always about making better product. Once my passion took over, my product became a better representation of me. Once it was good enough for me to allow others to hear it they began to appreciate it. That is when it all became worth it. The self gratification that I could be confident enough in myself to give people something that they would like will always be enough for me to stay passionate with my craft!

That’s something money can’t buy, but it is worth money!!!!!!

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