Computer Love


With all the technological gadgets in the world we live in it is almost impossible to not be able to connect with like minded people across the globe. Social networks, smart phones, and tablets have given a lot of people control over their own destiny in a sense of marketing themselves.

Years ago, when I was like any other musician of the time trying to be discovered, so many variables determined if you were getting any closer to your dream. You had to find a studio, pay to record, pay to mix, and then pay to have it finalized on either cassette or CD…(depending on your age). You had to do this at least three to four times for the minimal requirement of cutting a demo. Then you had to find someone who could take professional pictures that look good, pay them to take them, pay to have them developed, and pay to have them printed. Next, you had to find someone to write your bio, which for the most part a girlfriend of one the members of a group usually wrote for no charge….. (see how sweet women really are).

The next step, if you could afford the first, required a decent plan or else you’d waste more money and time. That crucial step would be connecting with people who could plug you in to people who conduct business within the music industry. When you factor in the thousands of other artists trying to do the same thing it’s easy to be discouraged. Even if you slid through the cracks you still had to compete with hundreds of artists trying to get their music out there through the industry channels.

Enter the age of artists today and you find all these different ways to make your own channel to get your music heard. Social networks allow you to do just that. Not only can you network you can create your own product in the comfort of your home. You can also upload it to the world and utilize the social networks to attract individuals to you.

No more big costs for shooting videos and editing them. Nowadays all you need is a camera or camcorder and a computer. No more scheduled meetings to try to convince tv outlets to run your videos. In today’s world all these things are literally at your fingertips. A little money and a lot of time will really get you wherever you want to be.

The more available you are to the world the better chance you have of tapping into a core audience. The individuals who work hardest have more to show for their hard work and in turn usually grab the publics attention first. These are the times we live in.

So if you want to be successful it really is up to you. Technology has given power back those people who wish to work hard. You yourself can make the entire corporation….from secretary to C.E.O..

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