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What up world!!! I hope everything is everything in your neck of the woods. I am extremely tired and worn out from my trip to D.C. so pardon me for not being motivated to bring you any good news.

I feel somewhat refreshed and rejuvenated to some degree despite the fatigue that is lingering over me. I got to kick it with an old friend of mine and he hipped me to the A3C hip hop festival which will be going down mid October. Honestly speaking, I think I need to be there. No, scratch that I know I need to be there.

They have a pretty good line up of artist that will be there and I won’t be the only cat out there trying to shop my music I’m sure so now is the time to get my gameplay on order. As with anything, you have to find a way to stand out amongst all the other competition in order to get noticed so I guess I’ll be organizing a self evaluation to list my strength and weaknesses. As long as I know that I’ve given myself a good chance to succeed at doing my best.

I already have a good idea of how I plan to mash it out so with a couple of months to get prepared I should be good to go.

On that note, I’m getting ready to call Mr. Sandman and get some rest as watch this series on the Science channel called “The Planets”. All I can say is outer space is on some next level $h@t so keep your a$$ here on earth where it’s safe!!!

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