Sometimes you have to reflect on your own life and take things into perspective. When you try to be the very best person you can be and it no longer plays out in your favor you have to realize one thing. Everyone will not appreciate the things you do.

It is at this point you have to decide what to do. You can continue to be the nice person or you can become the bad guy. The choice is yours to make but know that sometimes people need to see your bad side in order to properly gauge the relationship they share with you.

It’s about taking back control once a person has come to the conclusion that they control you. People become accustomed to a certain reaction from you when your reaction remains constant. Change your reaction and you change the way they deal with you.

In my case I’m a funny, witty, talkative, and caring person 95 percent of the time so people get used to seeing me in that light. When I’m fed up with you I quit talking and go into an anti-social state and just like that, I take back the control. I figure it’s easier to show you how you have wronged me by giving you time to not deal with me on my terms and allow you to backtrack on what you did to make my opposite side shine through.

One way or another I will get my respect and if you can’t respect that then I will take back the respect that I gave you.

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