Making Connections


With all the technology at hand you would think that making connections would be easy. Well, guess again! If we know that it is easier to connect with anyone then we should also assume that it is easier for anyone to try to connect with the same people you are trying to connect with.

Sounds funny doesn’t it. Well, I will say it like this. You used to be able to put in more work and show superior product by having the best presentation. Today there are so many people submitting their work to the same people you may be trying to reach that your chances of being noticed have become very minute! That is if you are submitting work through traditional email.

This isn’t a post that I intend to give an opinion on. I’m just stating a fact that I have come to realize in the past couple of months as I have been doing more emailing than posting to my blog. Quite honestly, I have yet to hear back from anyone and I wonder if it’s because I failed the initial presentation or if it’s just getting passed by because it is just one grain of sand in a desert of emails.

Well, back to the drawing board I guess. The only thing guaranteed is you can’t fail forever. Then again in the nature of business you have to adapt or watch your business fold. Back to traditional methods seeing as they seem to work the best. You have to meet people personally to make a true connection.

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