Busy As A Bee!!!


Well, this is one hell of a week for me. As of lately I’ve just tried to keep myself and my mind as busy as possible. One thing I will say is through this rut I have had to fight my way out of it. If I learned nothing else, I learned to love self with everything you have.

Today I’m going on the hunt for the possible location of the video shoot. I know for sure where it will be so for the most part I’ll just be going to check out how to frame it and study the lighting of the area. I’ve also got to get back on the beat grind seeing as how my dude DJ June put me on a diggers dream so I have no songs to listen to and sample.

I’ve also been hard at work emailing blogs which can get pretty boring especially since there are so many to contact. Like the saying goes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So here’s to hard work and believing in something! Until the next post….stay up!!!!

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