It seems as if every time I go to get a little progress something else pops off.  The last few months have been hard on me due to the fact that I lost a total of 99 songs because the recorder I use has a hard disk error.  I don’t record in a traditional digital manner.  I use a stand alone track machine for tracking everything and then I dump it down to a computer for mixing.  The problem is all of those songs I never dumped to throw a final mix on and you guessed it, they were never backed up.

Today’s problem is I have recorded one new song on this failing piece of equipment and as you may have guessed I lost that one.  It seems as if I would have left it on instead of powering it down I may still have the tracked out version , but as luck would have it, I decided to shut down the system to save energy as well as give the machine some rest.  What luck I have!!!!!

As I sit here and type this post I periodically glance over at the machine to see it saying “initializing”  which means whatever was on there is being erased.  Well, all that I can say is, get ready because whenever my life gets this down a blessing soon follows…or I hope!!!!  I’m long overdue….

Mo Problems

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