The Awakening


Today I am thankful for a couple of reasons, the most important is that one of my friends is on his road to recovery after having some health issues. So now as I ponder what my next moves will be I feel as if the most important move would definitely be towards a better standard of living.

I eat pretty healthy and I keep my fried foods to a minimum. Truthfully, I really only eat fried foods when I go out. I tend to bake most things that I eat or use the George Foreman grill, which I might add does do wonders for getting a good amount of the fat found in meat out of the meal.

My vices this far have been liquor and smoking both of which cancel out any healthy living as far as I’m concerned. I have given up drinking on non social occasions and as far as all the research tells me social drinking isn’t bad for those who don’t go out to socialize on a regular basis. My smoking habit I have really done well with and I am sure I am on my way to never ever picking up a cigarette again. It’s apparently even clearer since my friend is also a smoker.

Just two weeks ago I spoke with a couple of my smoking friends when I decided to quit and we all agreed that we knew smoking wasn’t good for us. The one thing we couldn’t agree on was the readiness to quit. I’m proud of myself to know it was time for me to do it. I just wish we didn’t have to witness such an experience with health issues to get everyone else on board.

Maybe, it is never to late to start….so today I hope that we all find peace in ourselves and do what’s right. That would be to quit smoking, eat better, and exercise!!!!! My homeboy told me to get down with some flag football and I guess now would be the time.

Till my next post…stay up!!!!


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