New Album?


Amazingly, I am almost finished with a new album. What’s crazy is not too long ago I was talking to my dude about not putting an album together and just leaking songs as they were finished. I have managed to leak a few and receive good feedback but I would have never guessed that I was already sitting on a project.

I mean, I had to dig through the vaults a little to find songs that were on the same page with me mentally at this point in my life. Oddly enough, songs that I wrote some odd years back were kind of ahead of their time. I would’ve never guessed that those particular songs would describe my emotions at this point in time, but they do!

It’s funny though, that no matter what I have to rerecord all of these songs over again since my track machine is on some BS. I have no choice but say it is cool because I have no choice. All that is gonna do for me is make my delivery that much better when I do start the process all over again.

Before I speak to much on it I’ll just say after adding all the songs that make sense to the overall idea of an album I have a total of a strong 14 joints….uuuunnnhh (c) Master P!!!!!

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