It’s All Love


It’s amazing that The Free Times newsletter has constantly shown an era of my career love. For the last three or four years I’ve received phone calls or text messages about being in their newspaper. Why is it such a bug deal? The reason is I have done nothing in the public eye for them to mention me. So they don’t. However, they mention the group that I made music with on a regular basis!!!

Members of the group have managed to keep their momentum going like Un and Ock under the name Brothers, Shekeese holds it down with Fat Rat, and Able One has recently inked a deal with his current group Weaving the Fate (WTF). I on the other hand have been kind of low key, a bit of a recluse you might say, recording new material and just striving to be a better person in all. I’ve taken to the Internet more than doing shows and in the process I’ve learned new ways to get my music out there without being out there.

The remarkable thing is I now know what we did made a difference to the music community in our area. We are the only hip hop group that was featured in this particular write up entitled “25 Bands We Miss”


Just realizing that in order to be missed you have to be loved and understood means the world to me personally!!! When we started doing our thing we just wanted to show the world our take on hip hop and how we felt. It was conceived out of the love we had to express ourselves creatively and artistically. To look back at it now the stars lined up for us to do what we loved. To know that essentially what would soon turn into a group started with me and Un at a emcee battle. I passed on the opportunity to battle him and decided I would rather work with him. Shekeese, who also frequented the battle, sat in one night for the hosting Dj and after meeting him and playing joints that I recorded informed me that he had a college radio show. He invited everybody who was doing their thing at the time to come up and get a little exposure. At the time Un and I decided to record a song called “What You Gonna Do” and get it played on the station. Still without a group name once asked what we were called I replied “Beat Junction Project”, a name I used to scribble on paper back in high school for no apparent reason.


The name stuck and shortly after I introduced Un to Bran and we would just kick it listening to my beats as well as Bran’s in a small apartment that I was renting. Bran would be a major reason as to why the group solidified itself by becoming one of the last pieces to the puzzle.

We began recording song after song until eventually we were sitting on a nice selection of joints. I began working in one of the malls in the area where I bumped into a cat that I previously met named Moses who heard our music. He agreed to help get us a show and the next thing you know….we were on our way to making our mark.


Also included in the newspaper was 25 businesses we miss and one of those happens to be the Elbow Room, which gave us a home. It was a spot right in the middle of the college party strip and I don’t think there was ever any spot quite like it. I’m sure that’s the reason why we made our mark. We took hip hop where it had never been before. The white college students of USC were able to witness something that they never saw live or at least seeing us didn’t cost them much if they were familiar with live hip hop.

I think that is one of the reasons we receive the level of love that we do. We broke down a wall that kept hip hop out of the place that it had to be in order to make a difference. We took it to the place where journalists would go and we showed them we love hip hop and they loved what we did. They loved it to such a degree that they would write about us and give us the respect that we worked for.

As we gained that respect we reached back and pulled up anyone who represented the culture like we did. As the shows got better we added the last puzzle piece to our group. That would be Ock, the emcee who brought an abstract style to the group and made the live show more entertaining.

We released our first project, which sounded horrible…lol, and the rest was history. Had it not been for the people who supported us we would have never released it and quite honestly, we may have never made our mark in our home. Free Times proves time and time again that they have respect and love for what we did and to me that is just so amazing. It’s all love!!!!




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