SC State Homecoming


The business is this on Black n Broke weekend we have been denied. Now a days the homecoming charges just to get on the campus which makes the whole thing so not worth it. Back in the days all you had to do is get there and walk around if you were on the budget plan.

Folks still came out to support and it looks like SC State was well on its way to winning the game but we decided to be out. I just can’t swing paying money to get in and walk around not knowing how long we were going to want to be on campus.

Anyways, I talked to Miss Jay today and for those of you who don’t know who she is let me break it down. Years ago I recorded a project with this young lady. She’s phenomenal She taught me a lot and made me grow as a producer and a songwriter. She’s now wanting to satisfy her musical itch again. If you know me then you already know I’m finna rock out on some R n B ish!!!

I feel pretty good today!!!! Even though SC State threw us the monkey wrench with strong arm…lol!!! I caught up with folk and I’m enjoying the getaway!!!

Stay up n be safe….till my next post!!!!


As with all homecoming events…..where do you end up…!!!!!

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