First Thursdays Hip Hop Style


Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me. I got out to do a little socializing with some of my fellow artist in the area at First Thursdays, an event that downtown has the first Thursday of every month to celebrate the artists of Columbia.

The scene was pretty laid back,like it always is, and a nice amount of people came out to attend. My main reason for going was to just catch up with some of the hip hoppers I haven’t seen in a minute!

There were a few new artists that I haven’t seen and unfortunately I can’t remember their names but they were pretty good acts. I guess you could call them the new generation of our area. I’m proud to know that even though these acts don’t know of me I had a hand in paving the way for them to be out there doing their thing.


The event was hosted by a fellow artist named Fat Rat who started doing his thing around the same time as me. On the turntables for all the groups was my dude DJ Kingpin, another hip hopper who rose through the ranks around the same time we did. Honestly, he was hosting the college radio show with Shekeese and had a hand in breaking our first records on the radio.


After all of the acts did their thing we headed a couple of blocks up to Fat Rat’s release party for his latest project “Da Cold War 3”. I didn’t get to chill long at the release party but I did get to chop it up with my peeps for a minute. So shout out to Kingpin, Shekeese, Fat Rat, DJ Bam, Ali Rah, Midi Marc, and Preach Jacobs.


Oh yeah, on another note I’ll share this jewel of mine with y’all. This album was one of the first records I copped and chopped up to make what some of my closest friends say is one of the best songs I ever recorded. I can honestly say that it was one of my more emotional joints seeing as that what I was dealing with at that time was a roller coaster ride!!! Somehow I lost the record and just by sure chance this guy was selling records at First Thursdays. Me being the digger I am started digging and when I found it he said he only wanted a dollar for it. It’s not an extremely rare record to find but just the manner in which I found it that evening meant a lot to me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the evening and I must say it was worth attending!!!!

Until my next post stay up!!!!

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