Slow Motion is Better Than No Motion!

Studying the nature of the music business can be tricky in some ways but I’m finding progress in making my own path. Long gone are the days of connecting with people in hopes of them helping you push your brand. Today it’s more about making your brand and pushing it until those people want to connect with you.

I’m hard at work staying up late nights gathering information and emailing different blogs and letting them know what they can look for in the near future. I have found that the bigger blogs are too busy to break a new artist. It’s almost like the recording business in the sense that they are too flooded with new submissions to be able to keep up with them all. So my approach as of lately is to go after the smaller blogs with less of a fan base. I’m sure this approach should catapult my marketing to the larger blogs….at-least that’s the plan.

In either case I know I just have to grind it out. For what it’s worth it seems to be working thus far so until it fails this is the route I’m sticking to!!!!

Until my next post…..stay up!!!!

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