Get Away


I think I’m long overdue for just escaping the hustle of everyday life and doing what I used to do best. That would be roaming through forest and just being one with the natural world.

My dog I’m sure would love to get away as well and just do what dogs do best. I’d be able to kill two birds with one stone and get some of the footage I have been trying to shoot for the video. I took her a couple of weeks ago to this particular park and she went crazy when we pulled up. I guess she remembers it a tad bit from when she was a puppy and I use to take her walking there. Needless to say, we left because parking was five dollars which I didn’t have so I guess I got her excited for nothing.

Anyways, that’s going to be a priority this weekend for me. I think I just need to clear my head and really get some me time and put things in perspective. That’s something I really miss about my childhood. I used to spend a great deal of time in the woods (as we called it). Hell, I am a country boy and that’s what I grew up around.

That was a retreat to me. Just spending all day amongst nature and simple things. Yeah, I’m in need of that…..a simple little get away!!!!

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