Complexities of an Artist

The everyday pressure of finishing an album has always been exhausting. There is always something else to be done which makes ending the dedication to the project something that never happens. It seems you are never done until you begin to work on your next project.

As I ponder the mistakes and successes of previous attempts to solidify my notch in hip hop I think about the many artists that have come and gone. I try to figure out how they came and why they are no longer releasing material. The closest idea that I could fathom would be that they weren’t artist but rappers. A true artist can never extinguish the fire that fuels his ability to create works of art.

Money can’t make your craft any better and it’s partly the reason why I feel so many come and go. When the money no longer comes the fans no longer support. By that I mean when a rapper no longer has the budget to look rich the fans no longer buy into their brand. When he is no longer in the public eye due to marketing campaigns the people no longer feels he is relevant.

None of these things hold true to an artist because as an artist you are always trying to create something from nothing. A true artist never gives up on his craft because there is so much more to learn about their talent to become better that it takes a lifetime to discover all possibilities.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me but these are ideas that I come to think about from time to time. Some of these ideas are mutually discussed and understood by artists of all walks of life. From painters, to photographers, to writers, to musicians etc., they all have the understanding that you will never be able to stop doing what you love to do without feeling some sense of betrayal to yourself.

To an artist you can’t stop until you can no longer do whatever it is you have been mastering. When you can no longer do it you reach that degree of being an artist that makes you unselfish and you begin to seek ways to to teach the next generation of artist. You never stop creating…..even if it means creating a new artist!!!

I hope that makes sense!!! Anyways, until my next post…stay up!!!! I’m headed to the studio!!!!

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