Politics as Usual


Have you ever had the “blah” feeling. Almost like you know today isn’t going to go great! Not that it’s going to be horrible, it just won’t be great.

Well, my guess is if you know it’s not going to be great you have to make the most of it. I’m not complaining but the weather has that control over me. It’s cold, no sunshine, overcast, and rain. That’s all I need to feel like I should’ve just stayed asleep for the day. I guess that wouldn’t accomplish much though so I’ll give thanks that I have things to do to keep me motivated!


Tonight, if God wills, I’ll be catching up with a couple of my music comrades to check out this event. It’s been a minute since I’ve been out networking seeing as I am pretty anti social. I know that is weird coming from someone who gets on stage to do shows but you would be surprised at how shy some artists really

Regardless, I need to get out and start getting back in the loop for setting up shows and finding my market again. I know our support system around my area is a pretty small circle so I just need to plug back into it and everything else will work its way out. Not to mention the same crowd that frequents these kind of events would also be likely prospects to attend the Dj events that I’m looking to put together.

Like I said in earlier posts…..this is starting to be a busy time for me. Like my dude DJ June told me….just stay focused and don’t let up!!!!

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