What’s good world! I hope those who follow me and my progress are having a blessed day. Me, personally, I’m kind of in an ill mood. Caught up in confusion and concern at the same time but other than that all is well.

I haven’t blogged due to the drama that I’ve had to battle in the past couple of days. Not to mention the job has been working me like a dog while I’m in the process of lining up an event for the hip hop scene. It’s been a hectic time for me but I know I have to push forward.

Just to get a couple of things off my chest, I’ve learned that it is very necessary to learn to tell people sorry when ill things happen. Saying sorry doesn’t mean that you were wrong all of the time. Sometimes it just means that you regret not knowing a better way to resolve the issue at hand. In my case, I know I wasn’t wrong and it is of little importance who was at fault. All I know is when someone can’t find a way to say sorry when you are fully aware that the problem has nothing to do with you it makes the situation so much more worse.

On another note, I have tries to escape the emotional side of me through working on music. Funny thing is I am not at all inspired to work on beats. Which is what I was trying to do earlier today. I hooked a couple but I just wasn’t feeling them. I’m guessing that comes from me working on the lyrical side as of lately. Bran and Ern have been providing the tracks and asked me to just concentrate on the songs.

Thank goodness I have the DJing thing to play with in these times. So that’s what I did….worked on mixes. I guess I could have laid vocals and mixed down one of the songs I need to re-record but I don’t feel like it today. I’m just in one of those moods…everybody is entitled to a day of feeling like to hell with it, ha ha!!!

Well, whatever world! I’m sitting here now waiting on Ern so we can go grab a bite to eat and politic on these moves we are making!!!!! Peace and stay up!!!!

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