To My Mans


Today is a day of recovery and reflection for me. A day in which I give thanks for being here while others didn’t make it to see today. On this day one of those people of the world who is no longer here is one of comrades!!!

My man Oso!!!! I grew up with him transitioning from a boy to a man learning the ins and outs of life and getting through. We never got the chance to work on music together though I know he wanted to. We just had conflicting schedules and different lives that pulled us in different directions.

This was the guy who tried to make me understand my role in our crew. When the business side of things went bad between Choice and I as we were finishing up his project he reminded me that no matter what I am responsible for pushing my dudes to do this music thing. When Ock and I fell out over our own personal issues he pulled me to the side to ask what the issue was. To that he also reminded me we were family and we were all we have out here in the streets. We have to look out for each other and make sure we Stay On Point!!!!

He always wanted to get up and work on music. We just couldn’t get those stars to line up. I’ve been in sessions with him but we never linked up on a track together and he never had the chance to rock out over my tracks.

Rest in Peace my dude. If only I could’ve known the last time I saw you was just that….


One love Oski


Don’t quite remember when we took this pic….I do know it was a family affair!!!

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