Making Moves

One day at a time. I’m feeling pretty good today. My equipment upgrade is on the way so I can really start focusing on finishing my projects. It’s been nerve racking to say the least trying to work on music without having the capabilities to master it.

On a side note I may have found a place to kick start my DJing. Now all I have to do is talk to the owner and convince him to let me help his new found business gain more customers. He has a pretty good deal with his happy hour specials. Not to mention its located right on the edge of the business area of the city.


Here’s a look at the bar.


Here’s another angle. It’s a perfect location and had I thought about it I would’ve snapped some images on the inside last night. No worries though….the owner told me come by tonight and he would buy me some drinks. I’m guessing that would be the best time to pitch the idea.

Now all that’s left for me is to get my laptop screen back to 100 percent and life will be great!!!!

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