New Years Plans


The city where I am from has finally started to realize the people need some entertainment. This is the second year that they have brought us a new years concert. We thank you dearly for it is really needed and to top it off it’s free!!!

I attended this event last year and had a blast so I figure I might as well give it another go. Unfortunately, I usually go see my homeboys Weaving The Fate on new years but I broke tradition last year for the first time and really enjoyed partying outside downtown amongst the buildings.


Biz Markie is slated to spin and who knows he may even do a song or two. It’s new years….I’m thinking he will at least do “Just A Friend” for us. He should, I mean I’m sure even old people know the song.

How can you front it!!!!:)


There is also Atlantic Star whom I saw live for the first time about two years ago. I had no idea they were responsible for so many hits. Either that or they were just covering some popular songs that were hot when they were. I doubt that to be the case though because some of the songs they covered sounded like their sound.

I’ve shared some intense moments with this song. If you are from my era you already know…this song made couples out of strangers and lovers out of couples!!!


The headlining band is a group known a s The Wallflowers. I’m not too familiar with their music but nothing beats hearing something for the first time like hearing it live!!!

To top it all off, I work with the company that hosts this event so I may need to start going to the after work functions we have and rub elbows with their employees. I know a couple of them personally they just don’t know what I do with the music. Hmmmmmmmm!!! That’s not a bad idea. Maybe 2014 I can be in the mix…or maybe I’ll be else where doing my thing. Nah, I think I’d like to be there doing it up for my home state!!!!

Peace…..and stay up!!!

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