Season of the Seasoning


Wattup world!!! So far this year I’m hoping all of y’all are still up on your resolutions. I’m sure most of y’all have already fell off the wagon like most of us do every year. I have learned not to even try….ya dig. It ain’t cool to lie to other people and it’s a problem when you lie to ya’self!!!

That’s why I take the approach I do nowadays. What’s the point of putting pressure on ya’self when you can just coast. You gotta little goal you are shooting for…that’s cool. Just get there…. don’t say I’ma do this and that and end up doing nothing remotely close to what you intended. Nah….that’s not the business!!!!

Don’t even tell these fools what you tryna do…I swear they’ll shoot ya dreams out the sky like a drone over the holy land…on the real. Just know what you are supposed to do and do that. Quit thinking about the end result so much. The end is the end… gotta begin first in order to get to the end!!! Ya dig!!!!

You can’t want to go to work but not wash ya ass and brush ya teeth. I mean you can skip breakfast but certain things just have to happen before you even think about being at work. You have to get dressed and get in the car and drive before you clock in at the gig Holmes!!! When you get there then you can think about work until you get there why bother!!! A meteor could fall out the sky and wipe your job off the map in the wee hours of the morning when you was dreaming about payday so you can get the electric company off your back.

All I’m saying is get in the element before you go all ga ga. You have to have done steps one and two before you see three!!! It’s great to know where you want to be, but remember where you at first!!!!

With that being said I’ll be throwing some new seasoning on this buffet of a blog. Y’all gonna see a new kinda dude behind this web address. Come here and get ya dose of dopeness!!! This blog just got interesting!!!!


Me and the crew are back at it!!!!

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