A New Listening


Wattup world!!!! Cleanliness is next to Godliness so be clean in all you do. After doing a little cleaning…or should I say reorganizing…I ran across this joint.

It’s a pretty good listen if you wanna just vibe. Most def it’s a highway joint. You can ride out to it and getcha mind right and getcha grown man on. If you ain’t a music lover it pro’ly aintcha cup of tea!

Expect no rapping even though Common does his…..I don’t know what to call it…..but you know!!!! That…”I just want to be with” type thing….like from “Come Close”!!!! If you’re a head you know it!!! It’s cool though and it kinda sets the mood for the musical journey you’ll be embarking on.

From there, it just kinda turns into something you’re supposed to listen to before you go eat salmon and drink some wine to. Go look at some art or something like that. You’d probably crush the average females brain with this. They wouldn’t get!!!! Hell…most dudes wouldn’t get it. They’d all look at you and say something like man….“Turn the radio on dawg!!!! I can’t listen to this ish”

I can dig it!!! I am however aware that I am an alien!!! I hear things different I see things different No, not like Lil Wayne….my breed of alien is kinda like ATLien. With that said I am on this one. It will definitely make it to I Pod status!!!

It’s got a joint on it that sounds so dope to me…..whoa!!! I’m not even sure what the lady is singing cuz it’s so dirty. By dirty I mean a whole lotta needle pops!!!

In a nutshell….if your music taste have a good range…this joint is a good listen!!!

Shout out DJ June for the hook up!!!

The opinions expressed here are mine and only mine. Feel free to have your own it cost you nothing!!!

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