The Book of Diggla

Learn who you are dealing with and understand how they operate!!! It’s essential to the growth process that we accept people for who they are and not who they seem to be.

If you truly understand an individual you have a better chance of gaining their trust as well as a helping hand. If you misinterpret who you are dealing with you stand a chance of forfeiting progress in exchange for frustration. Once a situation exhibits the stress of frustration it tends to go in a direction not favorable for any parties involved.

In conclusion, take the extra time to build and nurture the relationships you have with others in order to hiring the best in yourself as well as others. It is always better to never lose a helping hand because you may never know when you will need them. If you put forth a little effort in understanding them you will be able to utilize them and their talents instead of straining the relationship to a point where they no longer wish to help you!!!!

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