Cold Getting It!!!

It’s brick city cold today!!! I’m talking about the kind of cold that a country boy ain’t built for. It’s really cold!! Nah
really really cold!!!

Anyways today is the day I start a series of releases. This week I felt like getting down on a beat and record something serious for the first time on my new set up. I held back and wanted my soul brother number Un…Unzo BTW…to be the first to have a real session with the new set up but it is what it is.

It’s just a have fun track so went in on it just to have fun. The title of the track is “Cold Gettin It”. That should tell you what to expect…..just me flowing!!

Anyways, after I leave the gig I’ll be posting it to my soundcloud account so folks can download it. Not to mention I have to work one of my plugs to plug it in. It takes a team to do this and I guess it starts with me!!!!

Oh, be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter @southeastwilson. Check Un out at @shawnbrotherunz!!!! Peace….stay up!!!!


Damn it feels good to be back up on my pc recording game!!!!

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